Arrival and staying in the area

Please note these things when staying at Joensuun Tila.

Movement with car

Arrival is allowed only through Joensuunraitti. Parking spans all the way to the harbor (Joensuunraitti 44). Joensuun Tila clients can get their parking permit at the cash register. Otherwise parking costs extra.

Driving on the grounds must be slow and extremely careful: There are always residents, children from the daycare center, travelers and other guests moving about. Please take note of other drivers, especially on narrow roads and follow all speed limits. Parking costs extra.

Other movement

You can move freely everywhere in the area with the exception of sites that are occupied by other residents, caravanners and campers as well as specially gated areas. Buildings are generally accessible only during opening hours which are seen on doors.

Campfire sites

There are two campfire sites and two grills, where you are allowed to burn firewood purchased at our info point.

Lake and beach

If you’re not staying overnight, you are welcome to stay at the beach during its opening hours. A portion of the parking fees goes into keeping the beach clean. Campers, boat travelers and hotel guests are welcome to stay at the beach whenever they want to.

Nature protection and cleanliness

We all consider surrounding nature, its cleanliness and variety incredibly important. We expect our guests to value how untouched and clean the nature surrounding us is. We have placed trash cans in all of our most used areas and we expect any trash to find its way into these cans.

Overnight stays

You can stay the night only in areas that are meant for it. Areas outside of that are prohibited for staying overnight.

What kind of connectors do you have at the dock?

The electrical connectors are plug connectors that are camper splash-proof. Water connectors, on the other hand, are regular quick connectors. The loading dock also has a water point with a hose connected to it.

How do I connect my boat to my berth?

Every berth at the dock has a number and a letter. If you have rented a berth, we will ask for some kind of boat identification, either a registration number or a name.

How do I get electricity at the harbor?

Every dock has electricity poles where you can get power for cleaning, charging your motor and other such things. Note that all of the plugs are those used for caravans, so make sure that you have a correct connector to connect your boat. Electricity at the dock is meant for small tasks and charging the motor. If you wish to have a constant supply of electricity, you must notify Joensuun Tila and sign a contract.

How do I get drinking water at the harbor?

There are several water points in the harbor area. Those points have NITO 1/2” quick connectors. Water can be turned on for half an hour from the cabinet next to the loading dock. The cabinet has a switch for every dock. The tap has a hole to prevent freezing, so it will leak a little if the tap is not open completely. Loading docks also have water points where you can always get water.

How do I assemble my equipment for winter storage?

Our harbor has forklift platforms, on which you pack your equipment for winter storage. This allows us to easily move all items to their supposed storage location. If you wish to store a metal boat jack or trailer, you have to pack the rest of your equioment on top of them as tightly as possible. Please note that Joensuun Tila is not responsible for any damages that may occur during the moving process if they are caused by incorrect packing.

More detailed information about storing forklift platforms, trailers and boat jacks:

Properly packed equipment will not fall if moved. You can test this easily by lifting a corner of the platform or shaking the boat trailer jack. If a piece of equipment is packed incorrectly, the items on top of it will drop, shake or collapse into a pile. Make sure that all the items you wish to store are attached to your equipment. For example, if you want to store a scrubber at the harbor, you must pack it with the rest of your equipment. Note that this does not guarantee the stability of the packed item.

Pack your biggest items at the bottom, so that the gravity point of the equipment piece will be as low as possible. This will reduce shaking during the move, as well as the possibility of falling and breaking. Use all of your ropes and fabrics as effectively as possible. Ropes and fabrics that are hanging loose can easily snatch on the tractor during transfer. If you have tarpaulins at your disposal, they should be placed at the very top. By using ropes and tarpaulin, you can pack all of your equipment very tightly. It will also help protect all of your items from weather conditions.

If you’re unsure about packing your equipment, please contact us.