Event calendar

For your convenience, we have collected all upcoming events at Joensuun Tila here on this page so that you can plan your trip accordingly. In addition to these, Sibbe Disc Golf organizes weekly competitions and tournaments.

Calendar 2023

Metsänautti nature experiences

7.10 Boat lift day (sign up a week prior)

21.10 Boat lift day (sign up a week prior)

4.11 Horror manor (PannuCafe serves dinner menu in the main building)

12.11 at 11 Father’s day lunch in the main building (PannuCafe)

3.12 Opening of Christmas season in the main building (Joensuun Tila)

Coming next year: Blini weeks

We reserve the rights to any changes

Each organizer is responsible for all required notices and permits. Joensuun Tila customer service takes phone calls only during business hours.