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Welcome to the world of Celebration and Meeting Services!

Are you looking to effortlessly and professionally organize a memorable event or meeting? Look no further!

We offer stunning venues for rent, fully equipped and with catering services included. Check availability directly on our website and make a reservation easily with just a few clicks. But that’s not all! On our website, you’ll also find a convenient contact form, allowing you to reach out to us directly to plan a customized event that meets your specific needs.

Furthermore, we offer the opportunity to rent our beautiful outdoor spaces for your events. Whether it’s celebrations, meetings, or other occasions, we’ll ensure that your event is unforgettable.

Feel free to get in touch and let us help you create the perfect event!

Nobel-hall tables can be rearranged and upon booking. The hall seats up to 25 people. It has two screens with necessary cables, as well as a flip chart for meetings and educational events.

Nobel-hall availability calendar

Dining room (breakfast hall) tables can be rearranged and upon booking, you will receive a seating chart suggestion. The room seats up to 20 people. There is a door separating the dining room from the Nobel-hall.

Dining room availability calendar

Labra seats up to 10 people and has a screen with necessary cables.

Labra availability calendar

Converted shed rooms exude history and have several items from the old estate hanging on their log walls. These rustic summer rooms are charming and romantic. Note that the rooms are cold and therefore available for use during summer season only. There are two adjacent shed rooms, each seating up to 20 people for dinner.

Room 1 availability calendar Room 2 availability calendar

You can check all rooms during breakfast in the main building (open every day), otherwise room showings and menu consultations are 25€.

For educational events, we recommend booking separate rooms for work (Sali or Labra) and meals. This way you can keep your working space clean and inspiring, and the meals will feel like a real break.

We offer several programs with our partners

In addition, we have outdoor games, a beach volleyball court, minigolf adjacent to PannuCafe as well several short trails. We also organize estate tours for groups.

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