Boat harbor

Our harbor offers services year round. It has 313 berths and plenty of winter storage space. Rowing boats, kayaks and canoes have their own separate storage.

We also have a few guest berths. Arrival from the Gulf of Finland is easy through Sipoo river and bay. The route passes under Porvoonväylä (part of the Main road 7). Overnight stay at the harbor is 30 € / night + 2,5€ / person. Price includes VAT, electricity as well as bathroom and shower facilities at the harbor.

Info point at the harbor is at your service every day during summer. The harbor has toilets, showers, washer and dryer, as well as the possibility to rent a sauna.

Viking ship

Our harbor is a Roope harbor

Which means that we focus on safety, recycling and cleanliness. We want to thank every guest who contributes to this with their efforts.

  • Thank you for taking the trash to the trash bins
  • Thank you for abiding speed limitations
  • Thank you for notifying us about deficiencies
  • Thank you for reading all important information

Note that our trash point is meant for waste that comes from the boat. For cottage waste disposal, separate arrangements have to be made.

During fall and winter, disposal of dangerous waste is moved to PannuCafe. PannuCafe is open every day from 10 to 18.Any questions regarding harbor and its facilities can be sent to

Ramp usage

If your boat trailer is parked on our grounds or your boat is docked at our harbor, you can use the boat ramp for free. (Please let our info point know the registration number of your tow truck)

Otherwise the ramp costs 15 € per day to use. Included in the price is parking for your boat trailer or tow. Payment can be made in advance if you’re arriving when the info point is closed.

Pay true web

Year-round usage

Annual usage refers to a contract that allows you to dock your boat year-round and store it for winter. Annual users get a 10% discount off the total price of the berth and the winter storage. The contract is indefinite for both the berth and the storage, and should you wish to end it, you must do so before 31.7.

Annual season begins with winter storage and goes into next year, when you can use the berth as needed. The contract is always for a full year and cannot be changed in the middle of it. Winter storage and the berth are billed together in the fall and can be paid for in increments before spring if you wish to do so.

Summer usage

Our harbor has 313 berths that are available for use when the water is not frozen. We take care of their condition and safety, as well as the functionality of electricity, water and septic tank disposal from 10.5 to 30.9.

We have berths of the following nominal widths: 230 cm, 250 cm, 270 cm, 300 cm, 350 cm, 400cm and 450cm. Your boat must be about 20 cm narrower than the berth.

Included in the price are:

  • one unassigned car parking spot
  • water at the dock
  • electricity at the dock
  • possibility to empty the septic tank
  • ramp usage (to get your boat in an out of water)
  • disposal of dangerous waste

Berths are billed in February.

The dock reservation system will gradually change during the summer of 2024! All dock fees will be paid through Visma Pay from now on.

The reservation fee (30%) is to be paid by September 1st, and the reservation can be cancelled until March 1st, after which it will be released directly for booking on our website. The reservation fee will remain with Joensuun Tila Oy.

The purpose of the update is to clarify the reservation system and increase billing reliability. We still adhere to the principle that an early reserved/paid spot is most advantageous for the customer!

Prices for 2024

SizePrice €
Rowing boat220 €
2,3 x 5434 €
2,5 x 6458 €
2,7 x 6470 €
3,0 x 6519 €
3,5 x 8567 €
4,0 x 8640 €
For contracts made before 31.10.2021, prices are the same as has been agreed upon.
Joensuun Tilan sataman kartta

Winter storage

We have plenty of winter storage space available for boats. We will take care of your boat during winter in your desired capacity. During summer, our winter storage ground doesn’t get any water (it’s redirected to the lake).

We rent winter storage for boats for an entire season from 15.9-31.5. If you wish to get your boat in or out of water earlier, please make arrangements for that. We also rent boat stands for the winter season.

Our winter storage spaces range in width from 3 to 6 meters. The length of the boat does not limit the storage space.

Prices for 2023-2024 season


Winter storage is billed in August. All contracts are indefinite and don’t have to be renewed each year. In cases of termination, it must be done before 1.7.

Additional services available on boat lift day:

In 2024, we lift boats to the water on 4.5 and 18.5. We will lift the boats from the water 28.9 and 19.10

Sign up for the joint boat lift in the autumn

Price include getting the boat out of water in the fall and getting it back on water in summer:

Boat stand for winter storage:

Stand will be brought to your storage space before the boat is lifted from water and they will be taken away in spring. We are responsible for making sure that the stands last the season. Note that tarpaulins can’t be attached to the stand.

We do not have stands for sailboats.

VAT is included in the price.

Summer storage on land

If you do not plan on getting your boat on water, it will be stored in a different location. If you plan to keep your boat on the ground for the next season, please let us know that when you book a storage space. We move all boats from boatyards 1-3 to boatyard 7 on 1.6 at boat owner’s expense. Summer storage on land costs as much as respective storage in winter.

Boat jack storage in summer

You can store your boat jacks over summer on a forklift platform for an additional fee. All items are stored outside on boatyard 7. These items will be in storage for the duration of the summer season and will not be moveable until the end of the season. The forklift platform must be built in a way that makes it possible to be moved with a forklift. Boat jacks that can’t be put on a platform must be equipped with spikes or slings. Trailers for docked boats or trailers that will not be used during summer must be in such condition that it is possible for them to be moved with a tractor on their own wheels. Forklift platforms, boat jacks and trailers will be moved to your winter storage a few days before lifting the boat out of water and will be brought back to summer storage location in spring once the boats are back on water.

Boat jack and trailer storage for summer is 120€ / summer.

Boat trailer storage in summer

During summer seasons, boat trailers can be parked in boatyard 4, which has a locked gate. All parking spaces are 3 meters wide. 

If you’re renting a berth from us, trailer parking is 150 € for the summer season.

Otherwise the price is 320 € for the summer season.

VAT is included in the price.

Renting a trailer parking space allows you to use the boat ramp for free.

Year clock of the harbor

Summer season 10.5 – 30.9

Berth safety deposit due date 1.9

Annual usage billed, first installment due date on 15.9

Winter season 15.9 – 1.6

Berths billed, due date 1.3

Annual usage due date 1.4

Kayak and canoe storage

We rent shelves for year-round kayak and canoe storage. The shelves are 520 cm x 95 cm x 50 cm (length x width x height).

Prices are as follows:

  • 160 € / year
  • 80 € / season. Seasons change on 15.4 and 15.10.

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