In partnership with Joensuun Tila, nature travel company Metsänautti offers experiences in nature that engage all senses. The core of Metsänautti is sustainability and bringing nature closer to everyone, regardless of age, skills and other restrictions. Metsänautti means enjoying nature and having an inquisitive mind. The founder of the company Jonna Granroth is a nature and wilderness guide, a nurse, someone to whom serving customers is very important and someone who knows how to always take safety into consideration.

Several Metsänautti packages, such as Forest mind, Team competition and Kayak trips, can be organized for corporate events in partnership with Joensuun Tila and PannuCafe.

Joensuun Tila opens the gate to exploring the delta of Sipoo river and its surrounding nature, without forgetting comfort and amenities. The estate offers a variety of services including overnight stay, food and beverages, as well as plethora of activities year round.

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This guided tour will allow you to experience kayaking in the beautiful nature of Sipoo river!

Intended for beginners, this tour will allow you to try kayaking with a guide. We will keep a peaceful pace and stop from time to time to enjoy the scenery. The kayaks used on this tour are basic: they’re steady and easy to direct. Before we begin, we will go over kayaking equipment, kayaking basics and safety measures. Joensuun Tila has a pier that helps you get in and out of the kayak.


For this trip, we will use easy basic kayaks and all necessary equipment is included in the price (kayak, paddle, life jacket, seat cover). We recommend wearing weather appropriate clothing and having a water bottle with you. Shoes are optional while kayaking.

Tour price is 46 euros per person, 2 hours

Tour guide: Metsänautti kayaking guide

Difficulty level: No prior kayaking experience required. Used kayaks are steady and easy to use.

Guided tours for groups:

Participants: Minimum 4 and maximum 9 people

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Wild herb trip

Have you ever tasted the honey flavor of dandelion? Have you ever made chips from iron-rich nettle? Firewood shoots can substitute asparagus. And bishop’s weed, that grows everywhere, can be made into a delicious pie.

Do you have a love-hate relationship with weeds that grow in your backyard and nearby area? Well those same hated weeds are also free and ecologically friendly nourishments that can make any meal tastier or even be an entire meal on their own.

Come learn the taste and the variety of most common wild herbs as well as how many ways they can be used. Depending on what’s available in the wild, we’ll be learning different flavors and various uses of the most common wild herbs.

This tour is guided by a wild herb tour guide and includes tasting the harvest, which will depend on the season.

The terrain is easy to walk on. You will need shoes that are suitable for walking and weather-appropriate clothing.

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