Our story

The story of Joensuun Tila began when A.I. Virtanen was looking for a place where he could practice farming and test his theories out. It had to be close enough to Helsinki and Valio’s biochemistry research building. Skräddarby estate was perfect for that purpose. After some bumps in the road, the estate’s ownership was transferred to Virtanen in 1933 and it was renamed to Joensuun Tila.

Joensuun Tila has belonged to the Virtanen family ever since and today it is Artturi’s great-granddaughter who takes care of things. Our goal is to honor A.I. Virtanen’s legacy by cherishing the land, the buildings, the values and most of all, the passion for development.

“We need “dry”, level-headed people that are really good at calculations and precise work, but just as much we also need imaginative people, who can open new fields for research and do pioneering work.” (A.I. Virtanen, “Speaks to the youth” in Nuorten voima magazine.)

Joensuun Tila Oy (eng. Joensuu Estate) is a family business that belongs primarily to the descendants of Artturi Ilmari Virtanen, who was Nobel prize winner and a doctor of chemistry. In addition, the estate also belongs to several industry professionals who are necessary for the organization’s continuous growth. The organization was founded in 2022.

The main aim of the organization is to pioneer sustainable development, maintain the estate and work together with people, nature, other organizations and communities. We do our best to lead change and set an example. We develop our business and facilities with customers, residents and the district in mind. We value our land and its history, culture and nature, and want to create a sense of community in modern day estate.

Through new innovative choices, our organization aims to preserve the soul that the Nobel prize winner had brought to the estate and to shape the cultural landscape in a way that honors values and traditions but makes it relevant to the modern world and maintains the financial stability of the organization. We are committed to long-term sustainable development and acting as an example on the road to sustainability.

We hope that our guests can feel the old 18th century estate but also the innovative soul of the Nobel prize winner while staying with us and enjoying our services. We do our best to be customer-oriented and to follow our motto:

To have easier and more fun free time!